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Victory Mission Volunteer Guidelines & Code of Conduct
Age Requirements:
Specific Warehouse, Pantry, & Special / Holiday Projects - Open to volunteers of all ages when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Those we serve may suffer from mental illness, addiction, or may have recently been incarcerated. Parents or guardians assume all risk associated with children volunteering, and are strongly cautioned to not allow children to leave their presence while they serve.

All other volunteer assignments: Volunteers must be 18 or older.

Dress Code: Please dress in a manner that will not be distracting to those we serve, and which is appropriate for the work you are doing. Please avoid the following:
* Shorts that are particularly short or mini-skirts
* Sleeveless shirts or tank tops
* Sandals, flip flops or open-toed shoes
* Clothing with obscene or controversial messages or images

Relationships: Please establish responsible boundaries. Victory Mission + Ministry serves a vulnerable population of individuals with traumatic life experiences that present challenges that are often unseen. As a result, it is important to establish professional boundaries with those we serve. Please limit your interactions to take place during volunteer opportunity time frames established by Victory Mission. Please refrain from hosting program participants in your home, providing transportation or personal gifts to program participants, making any promises to those we serve, and from romantic or sexual relationships with those we serve.

We do ask that you make every effort to engage those we serve in meaningful conversation. By learning their stories, you build relationships that lead to life change. When serving as a table host, mentor, food pantry volunteer or in any role, make building relationships your first priority.

Personal Belongings: Victory Mission + Ministry is not responsible for volunteers’ lost or stolen items. Backpacks or handbags are not allowed in the working area. Since storage space is limited, please do not bring these items along.

Personal Conduct: Any behavior that reflects poorly on Victory Mission + Ministry is prohibited. As a Christian ministry, we hold our volunteers to the great commandment: Love God and love others. Victory Mission + Ministry reserves the right to dismiss any volunteer for any reason including but not limited to violations of the following required behaviors:
* Follow the directions provided by Victory Mission staff members.
* Treat all people with respect through loving actions and edifying speech.
* Refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco or controlled substances while serving.
* Refrain from any illegal activity or violent act.
* Do not bring weapons to any Victory Mission location.
* Arrive on time with an attitude of service.
* Stay in your assigned location or work area.
* Do not bring food and drinks (except water) into your work area without approval.
* Please give your complete attention to those you are serving. (Avoid phones and music players.)
* Do not take photos of the facility and/or those we serve without permission from staff.
* No volunteers are permitted to be alone with a child at any time

Application and Personal Information:
* All volunteers must fill out an application, liability waiver, photo release and submit to a background check prior to serving.
* Some volunteer opportunities require approval from a member of the ministry staff. In those cases an interview is required prior to service.

*All volunteers must check in and out of each volunteer shift with Victory Mission staff.
* Victory Mission + Ministry does not provide opportunities to satisfy court appointed community service hours.
* All volunteers who wish to demonstrate their participation to satisfy school requirements are responsible for tracking their own hours and asking for a staff member to sign off on those hours at the conclusion of each service shift.

Illness / Injury:
* Anyone with symptoms of a contagious illness should stay home.
* Report any accidents, injuries or unsafe conditions immediately to a staff member.
I agree to the Volunteer Guidelines & Code of Conduct (Digital Signature) *
Special Guidelines In Light of COVID-19
Victory recommends but will not mandate the following guidelines for your safety:

1. Everyone, vaccinated or not, should wear a mask at all times, especially when the 6 ft rule cannot be applied. If you do not have a face mask, please let your volunteer leader know prior to your volunteer opportunity so one can be provided for you.
2. Maintain six feet of distance as much as possible.
3. Volunteers should ensure good personal hygiene, such as frequent 20-second hot water and soap hand washing, and avoid touching their faces when serving. Volunteers who handle food will be asked to wear gloves.
4. Please be aware that requirements might change depending on current national, state and city guidelines. Volunteers commit to following these guidelines when presented by Victory Mission before or during volunteer opportunities.
I agree to the Special Guidelines In Light of COVID-19 (Digital Signature) *


Volunteer Waiver and Photo Release

Confidentiality – Volunteers are asked to honor and respect guests, residents, students, donors and staff by keeping any information shared confidential. Volunteers must agree to hold all information regarding paperwork, conversations or observations about any guest, resident, student, donor, employee or other volunteer in the strictest of confidence. In doing so, volunteers are protecting the privacy and integrity of our ministry. Volunteers acknowledge that in their failing to protect confidentiality, they will no longer have the privilege of serving as a Victory Mission + Ministry volunteer.

Photo/Video Release – I hereby grant permission for Victory Mission + Ministry to use my photograph, video and/or information about me for the purpose of publications, website, promotion or any other use the Mission deems necessary. I understand that I cannot expect compensation for the use of these materials.

Waiver and Release – Victory Mission + Ministry is a charitable organization of limited resources, and the majority of our needs are met through volunteers, who donate their time, talents and resources. The tasks volunteers undertake may sometimes result in injuries. Therefore, out of concern for the welfare of our volunteers and a desire to economically provide services to individuals we are serving, we ask all volunteers to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner. We also ask all volunteers to assume the risk of injury or property loss from any accident associated with their volunteer service for Victory Mission + Ministry and rely on their own insurance and resources in the event of such accident or injury, and in consideration of Victory Mission + Ministry accepting me as a volunteer, hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Victory Mission + Ministry, its employees and board directors for any and all damages, loss or injuries I may sustain during my volunteer activities. I certify that I have read, understand and agree with each item discussed in the volunteer orientation and training. I further understand that as a volunteer resulting from my desire to help Victory Mission + Ministry accomplish its God’s-given purpose through sacrifice and service, I undertake these activities without any expectation of, and hereby release and waive any claims for payment, remuneration, wages, salary or any other compensation. I also understand that my name and Social Security number may be used for a background check in the state of Missouri.

This volunteer release form is executed without any reliance upon any representation by any person and the undersigned has carefully read and understands the contents of this volunteer release form and executes the same as his or her own free act.

Background check status:
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